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Panzer 35(t) Light Tank

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German Panzer 35(t) light tank

Panzerkampfwagen 35(t)

The Panzer 35 (t) was a Czech built light tank delivered to the Czech army and for export. Of the 434 built, 126 tanks were sold to Romania and 244 were seized by Germany when they invaded the remainder of Czech in March of 1939. The Slovaks held the remaining 52 of these tanks.

Germany used these tanks in the invasions of Poland, France and Russia where they provided mediocre service. The Panzer 35 (t) especially suffered high rates of damage and required frequent repairs in the Russian campaign. By the end of November of 1941, none of these tanks were operational and all salvageable tanks were returned for repairs and eventual sale to pro-Axis countries or assignment to non-combat duties.