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Operation Barbarossa & Russian Losses

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German propaganda poster: Operation Barbarossa, Russian losses

V = German victory

"V = Victory of Germany on all fronts. As German forces defeated the armies of the Bolshevik:
- 7,615 tanks destroyed or captured
- 6223 aircraft destroyed
- 4,423 guns destroyed or captured
- Over 400,000 prisoners Number of prisoners of war and booty are continuing to grow. "

German propaganda poster in the Polish language describes Russian losses in Operation Barbarossa, (the German invasion of Russia).

*Disclaimer: World War II posters, insignias and documents of Nazi Germany, Russia, Italy, and Japan, are displayed on this website as historical documents of the time period. They are not intended to promote or condone any political, racial, military, religious, or social views and/or actions. This website does not condone genecide.