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Down with Bolshevism!
Propaganda for Russia

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Propaganda for German Occupied Soviet Territories

Poster: Down with Bolshevism

"...the world has been moving with ever increasing speed toward a new conflict, the most extreme solution of which is called Bolshevism, whose essence and aim, however, are solely the elimination of those strata of mankind which have hitherto provided the leadership and their replacement by worldwide Jewry.

" No state will be able to withdraw or even remain at a distance from this historical conflict . . . a victory of Bolshevism over Germany would not lead to a Versailles treaty, but to the final destruction, indeed the annihilation of the German people . . ." ~Adolf Hitler

"Down with Bolshevism!" Nazi propaganda poster in the Russian language for occupied Soviet territories.

*Disclaimer: World War II posters, insignias and documents of Nazi Germany, Russia, Italy, and Japan, are displayed on this website as historical documents of the time period. They are not intended to promote or condone any political, racial, military, religious, or social views and/or actions. This website does not condone genecide.