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Caucasus Mountains Propaganda Poster

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Poster: German propaganda poster for Caucasian mountain region

Oil fields of the Caucasus

The only oil field Nazi-Germany controlled prior to their invasion of Russia was in Romania, centered around town of Ploesti. The other German petroleum came from conversion plants in Germany that extract it from coal, which was a very expensive process.

During the second year of the German invasion of Russia, Hitler decided to seize control the oil fields of the North Caucasus, to hamper the Soviet war effort.


The Germans tried to convince the people of the Caucasus region that the forces were coming to liberate them from communist control, in hopes of obtaining cooperation from the population.

Members of various ethnic groups in the Caucasus who were upset with Soviet rule, joined the Germans. Nazi propaganda poster, for people of the Caucasian mountain region. "Caucasian peoples! We bring you the freedom from the Bolshevik occupation."

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