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Recruiting in Wallonia, Belgium

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German recruitment poster for Wallonia area of Belguium.

Invasion of Belgium

Invasion of Belgium by Nazi Germany started on May 10, 1940. The Battle of Belgium included the first tank battle of the war. After 18 days of fighting the Belgians capitulated.

King Leopold III surrendered on May 28, against the will of the Belgian government, remaining in Belgium during the war as a German prisoner. The Belgium government went into exile.

In 1951, King Leopold abdicated his throne after civil uprisings occured in Belgium, due to his conduct during WWII.


Volunteer recruits from Scandinavia, and other Nothern European countries served under German officers, in the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, one of the elite Waffen SS armored units.

"Wallonia / Come (join) us". Waffen SS recruiting poster for the Wallonia area of Belgium. (Waffen means weapons). Wallonia was the predominantly French-speaking southern region of Belgium.

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