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Death Penalty in Poland

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Poster: Nazi-German annoucement to Jews and Poles.

Nazi-German announcement

Poster reads: "Recently, in many documented instances, Jews, who have left the residential districts designated for them, have spread typhus.

"To safeguard the population against this dangerous threat, the General Governor has ordered that any Jew, who in the future illegally leaves the residential district designated for him, will be punished by death.

"The same punishment will apply to whoever consciously shelters Jews mentioned above or in any other way assists them (for instance, by providing overnight accommodation, or sustenance, by giving a ride in any kind of vehicle, etc.) The sentence will be imposed by the Special Court in Warsaw.

"I explicitly draw the attention of the whole population of the Warsaw District to this new regulation since henceforth it will be applied with merciless severity. Warsaw, 10 November 1941. Dr. Fischer Governor." Nazi-German announcement of the introduction of the death penalty for Jews leaving the ghettos and for Poles helping them. Nov. 10th, 1941.

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