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Normandy Invasion

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Normandy Invasion, June 1944

Normandy Invasion, June 1944

This photo shows a portion of one of the D-Day invasion beaches, June 1944. Landing ships are putting cargo ashore on the beach at low tide during the first days of the operation.The five invasion beaches were scattered over nearly fifty miles of Normandy coastline.

In the foreground an ambulance and bulldozer can be seen. Just behind them, an Army "half-track" convoy pulling anti-tank guns is forming up on the beach. To the right the half tracts is a wading tank. Among identifiable ships present are USS LST-532 (in the center of the view); USS LST-262 (third LST from right); USS LST-310 (second LST from right); USS LST-533 (partially visible at far right); and USS LST-524. Note the barrage balloons overhead. Photo - National Archives Canada.