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Sherman M4 wading tank

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Waterproofed hulls - Sherman wading tank

Sherman M4 wading tank, WWII

Allied tanks were given waterproofed hulls and air intake and exhaust vents to allow them to come ashore from shallow water. Tall ducts extended from the engine deck to above the turret top and they needed to stay above water. The front duct was the air intake for the engine, the rear duct vented the exhaust. Note the nick name 'Hurricane' painted on the side of the tank body.

Sherman wading tank on invasion beach

Sherman wading tank - Invasion of Normandy

An M4 Sherman wading tank is seen mired in the mud on a a Normandy invasion beach. Note the raised air intakes for amphibious use. Deep wading gear permitted a tank to drive partially underwater on the sea floor rather than swim.