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Tupolev Tu-2, War Eagles Air Museum

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Tupolev Tu-2 WWII and Korea War era Russian aircraft

Russian Tupolev Tu-2

Production began on the Tu-2 multi-role bomber in 1942, and it was produced in quantity until 1948. In all, 2,527 aircraft were produced, including several variants; 1,111 of these were built during World War II.

According to the museum sign, this “Tu-2 was stored in a cave in China that was, and is, used as an airplane hangar. The airplane was dismantled, crated and shipped to Santa Teresa via the port of Houston. It was re-assembled at Santa Teresa. Records indicate the Museum Tu-2 last flew in 1981 to bomb and break up ice jams in the rivers in northwestern China". Photo credit: David and Paula Barnett.

This aircraft is on display at the War Eagles Air museum in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Photo of cockpit below is from museum sign.

Tupolev Tu-2 cockpit interior

Tupolev statistics

Role: Multi-role bomber
Max. Level Speed: 342 MPH
Max. Range: 1,553 miles
Engines: Two 1850 HP Ash-82 FNV Radial
Armament: Two 20mm or  23mm canons,
three rearward firing 12.7 mm Beresin machine-guns and 5,000 lb. bombs
Manufacturer: Russian State Industry
Years Built: 1942-1948
Number Built (Including Variants): 2,527
Number Built during WWII: 1,111
Crew: 3 or 4