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TF-51 Mustang, War Eagles Air Museum

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TF-51 Mustang duel control trainer - Friendly Ghost

TF-51 Mustang This aircraft is on display at the War Eagles Air museum in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Photo credit: David and Paula Barnett.

T= trainer
NT = built in Texas
P = Pursuit aircraft
F = Fighter aircraft (The P designation was changed to F after WWII.)

Wingspan: 37 feet
Length: 32 feet 2 inches
Height: 13 feet 8 inches
Weight loaded: 11,600 lbs.
Max. Speed: 437 mph
Ceiling: 41,900 feet
Power Plant: V-12 Packard Merlin V-1650-7, 1,490 hp
Armament: None
Number built: 25

Ten TP-51 Mustangs were built between 1941—1945, by NAA (North American Aviation) and in 1951, Temco (Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company) converted 15 P-51Ds into T-51 trainers. This Mustang was an P-51D NT and was the fifth one modified to become a trainer by Temco. NT designation means it was built in Texas. The plan was to use the Mustang to train jet pilots to fly a piston engine aircraft for use in the Korean War. Although this airplane was built as a trainer, it was never adopted by the U.S. Air Force on a large scale for this role. It seems the Bolivians were the most prolific users of the “TP” and “TF” dual control Mustangs.

The War Eagles’ Mustang trainer was assigned to the Indiana Air National Guard at Terre Haute, and was later transferred to the Indonesian Air Force. It was recovered from a junk yard outside of Jakarta and was restored to its present condition. Article above based on museum information.

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