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Tennessee State Military Museum Posters
Visited 11-29-10

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WWII Allies poster displays at the Tennessee Military Museum

Photos taken by WW2HQ staff under low light conditions at the Tennessee State Military Museum..

The Tennessee State museum - Military branch, has a large collection of World War II posters of the Allies. A variety of topics are covered including: Munitions workers, Free French, Yugoslavian freedom fighters, Allied leaders, India at war, Defense bonds, Tanks in Lybia, Free Press in Europe, British evacuation scheme for children, A motorcycle detachment of the British Army armed with Tommy guns, British anti-aircraft battery, British coastal defense guns mounted on railway trucks, Tank production and subcontracting, Conservation, War supplies, War stamps, Don't waste food, Junior Red Cross, Grow and can.

Many of these posters I had not seen before such as Jugoslavia's merchant seamen fight and Fance lost a battle! But France has not lost the war! One Yugoslavian poster praises Tito's partisans. Tito was a communist and the American's were suspicious of him. However, the British warmed up to him since Churchill was hoping to attack the Balkans.

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The museum allows photos to be taken, but requests that no flash be used in order to prevent damage to artifacts which can be caused by cumulative exposure to light.

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