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S&W Victory Model .38 Caliber Revolver

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U.S.Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver

Smith & Wesson Victory model .38 caliber revolver at the Tennessee State Military Museum

On display at the Tennessee State Museum - Military Branch.

A Smith and Wesson model 10 .38 caliber revolver, was a supplemental weapon issued to U.S. forces during WWII.

Victory model .38 caliber

Production for the .38 caliber Victory model began in 1942, with serial numbers beginning with the letter V ( for victory against the Axis powers of World War Two). Through the Lend-Lease program, numbers of these revolvers were supplied to other Allied forces including Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Photo was taken with permission, at the Tennessee State Military Museum in Nashville, by WW2HQ staff. (Museum uses low light conditions to decrease light damage to the exhibits).