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U.S. Navy Corsair - Palm Springs Air Musuem
Palm Springs Air Museum visit November, 2008

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Goodyear FG1D Corsair

Goodyear FG1D Coursair, Palm Springs Air Museum - California

The Corsair was a U.S. Navy carrier-capable fighter aircraft. During World War II, Vought was unable to keep up with the demand for the Corsair so additional production was begun by Goodyear whose aircraft were designated as FG-1. This particular Corsair is kept in flying condition. On the wall behind the plane can be seen the mural, "Corsair on Approach", by aviation artist Stan Stokes.

According to one of the one of the docents at the Palm Springs Air Museum, a flange was added to the right wing to balance the turning of the Corsair as it was coming in for a landing on an aircraft carrier.

Corsiar flange

Because pilot's view was obstructed by the single engine in front of the cockpit, the Royal Navy developed the technique of making a left hand turn while landing on an aircraft carrier.

This allowed the pilot to see the aircraft carrier right up until the final few seconds before the landing was made. The flange helped to stabilize the aircraft when making this low speed left-hand turn by reducing the lift on the right wing to a value approximately the same as the lower speed left wing. The effect of the flange at high speeds was not as pronounced so had only a minor effect during normal fight. Photo to the right shows the flange placement on the right wing. Photos taken during visit to Palm Springs Air Museum.

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