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B-25 Mitchell - Palm Springs Air Museum
Palm Springs Air Museum visit November, 2008

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North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber "Mitch the Witch II"

Mitchell, Palm Springs Air Museum - California

The following information is from the museum sign.
Engines: Two Wright R-2600 cubic inch, 14 cylinder, twin-row radials with up to 1900 hp. each Dimensions: Length – 53 ft, Height – 15 ft, weight – 41,800 lb. Max, wing span – 76 ft. Armaments: machine guns – up to 18 50 caliber, fixed or crew aimed (upper turret, waist and tail guns) cannon – one, 75 mm cannon, optionally installed in solid-nose B-25s; this nose also would contain an additional 6 or 8, 50 caliber machine guns. Bombs: Up to 3000 lbs. Crew: 5-to 7 depending on the mission and airplane configuration.

Mitchell tail art

Mitchell nose art

This B-25 is a medium bomber from the Robert Pond Collection.This B-25 was initially delivered to the USAF in June of 1945. Until it's retirement in January 1959, it served at various bases with the Military Air Transport Command (MATS) and Headquarters Command. It was returned to standard bomber configuration (minus the top turret) in 1979. After further restoration in 1986 it joined Planes of Fame East and then came to the Palm Springs Air Museum. The aircraft is named Mitch the Witch II, and is maintained in flying condition. The original Mitch the Witch was a B-25D, “...a grand old lady of the 17th Recon Squadron, with one hundred and ninety missions. (General George C. Kenney).”  Flying Buccaneers, by Steve Birdsall, (p205).

North American 
B-25 Mitchell bomber at Palm Springs Air Museum - California

The B-25 was flown in every theater of World War II, including the European, Pacific and North African theaters. They were flown by virtually every allied partner of the U.S. B-25s were retained in useful service well into the post war era. 11,000 B-25s were produced during WWII at Inglewood, CA and Kansas City, Missouri. Photo to the left courtesy of the Palm Springs Air Museum.

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