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U.S. Navy A-26-C Invader - Palm Springs
Palm Springs Air Museum visit November, 2008

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Douglas A-26C Invader

Nose art on A-26 invader

During World War II, the Douglas twin-engine A-26 entered combat in 1944 as an attack aircraft for horizontal bombing. They were also used to attack ground targets with strafing from their .50-cal. machine guns and with rockets which were mounted under the wings.

The "C" designation was used for the variant with the glass nose and the aircraft had a compartment for the bombardier. According to the National Museum of the Air Force, it was used to lead a formation of A-26Bs which would drop their bombs when the leading A-26C gave the signal by dropping its bombs.

a-26 Invader at Palm Springs Air Museum

This A-26C Invader, is kept In flying condition and bears the name "Invader". The maximum speed of the A-26C was 373 mph and it weighed about 35,000 pounds when loaded. Approximately 2,502 Invaders were built and in In 1948 the A-26 was was renamed B-26. Photo of the A-26 Invader to the right is courtesy of the Palm Springs Air Museum.

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