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TBM Avengers - Naval Aviation Centennial

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Avengers on Static Display

Avenger nose art

F4U Corsair in flight - Naval Centennial

The TBM Avenger to the right was on static display at the Naval event. Note pitot tube on top of wing in foreground which is used to measure airspeed. According to the placard, the aircraft is owned by Jim Slattery. The nose art logo is pictured to the left above and appears to be a goat wearing cowboy regalia while riding an Avenger which is saddled like a horse.

TMB Avenger

The sign for the aircraft  pictured on the right, gave the following information: Grumman - TBM Avenger torpedo bomber. George H. W. Bush piloted a TBM and was shot down at Chi Chi Jima - 1944. Rescued by U.S. sub "Finback". Paul Newman - Gunner on TBM at end of war - Japan. Joe Foss - flew F4F Wildcat missions, accompany UMSB-131 torpedo squadron. TBM-3 credited with sinking several Japanese ships, including super Battleship Musashi, Hiei, Yamato, cruiser Agaki; carriers Hiyo and Ryujo and several submarines.

TBM Avenger Flyby

F4U Corsair at Naval Aviation Centenial February 12, 2011

According to the announcer the Avenger was designed by Grumman to replace the Devastator and was the first aircraft designed with a folding wing mechanism which put the wings flat against the fuselage for better storage. The Avenger was designed to carry a crew of three. If you look closely at the photo above you can see someone looking out  the window with binoculars or a camera. Note retracted landing gear on underside of wings. Photo taken during the flyby during the "Parade of Flight" at the Naval Aviation Centennial Celebrations.

TBM Avenger -
Video of Flyby

Video of the TBM Avenger flyby during the "Parade of Flight" at the Naval Aviation Centennial, February 12, 2011. Event was held at Naval Base Coronado North Island, San Diego, California.