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AT-7 Navigator Naval Aviation Centennial

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Beechcraft AT-7 Navigator/C-35

AT-7 Navigator at Naval Aviation Centenial February 12, 2011

This aircraft was on static display during the Naval Aviation Centennial on February 12, 2011, in San Diego, California. It was listed in the program as an SNB Kansan, but the actual version is unclear since the Kansan had a bombardier nose.
It may be the Navagator version, however, it is missing an astrodome.

AT-7 Navigator,  C-45

The Kansan, Navagator, as well as the C-45 Expeditor, were all based on the twin-engine Beech 18 model.The USAAF Navigator had a designation of AT-7, (the AT stood for advanced trainer), while the US Navy designation for this type of aircraft was SNB-2. The Navigator and Kansan versions of this aircarft were used respectively for navation, and bombardier & gunnery training during World War II.

During the 1950s, many AT-7s received upgrades along with new serial numbers and served as a C-45s in the USAF as a utility transport. The aircraft accommodated a pilot, co-pilot, and 5-6 passengers. The aircraft in the photos appears to have undergone various modifications after leaving militarly service, such as the installation of picture windows. The words "El Toro" are painted on the tail and on top of the wings.

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