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F4U Corsair - Naval Aviation Centennial

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F4U Corsairs - flyby and static display

F4U Corsair at Naval Aviation Centenial February 12, 2011

A F4U Corsair during flyby at the 100th Anniversary Parade of Flight, February 12, 2011 at Naval Base Coronado, North Island, San Diego, California.

The Corsair to the left was on static display at the Naval Aviation Centennial Celebration. The aircraft is painted in US Navy tri-color - two shades of blue and a light gray. The pieces which can be seen hanging down under the wing include the flap and the landing gear covers. Flaps are used for reducing the airspeed during landing and increasing the lift on takeoff.

F4U Corsair in flight - Naval Centennial

Photo on the right was taken of the F4U Corsair during the Parade of Flight at the Centennial air show. It is painted in standard navy blue common in much of the '40s and '50s.

The Navy's one flying ace during the Korean War, Lieutenant Guy Bordelon, got all five of his kills in an F4U Corsair. He was also the only ace of the Korean War who scored all of his victories in a prop aircraft.

Video of F4U cosair during Flyby

The announcer mentioned the fact that Marine Corps Captain Jesse Folmar, although greatly outmatched in his F4U Corsair, shot down a MiG 15 on September 10, 1952. He was then shot down himself, but was able to safely bail out.

Video was taken during the flyby during the Parade of Flight.

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