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Uniforms /Display - Legion of Valor Museum

Visited 11-11-10

Photos by WW2HQ staff

The Legion of Valor museum has a nice collection of WWII era uniforms. Most are from the United States, but a few items from Great Britain, Germany, and Japan are also on display.

Uniforms from the United States military include items from the Army
Army Air Corps
Army Air Force
Marine Corps.

As with hats and helmets, uniforms were designed for general purposes or to meet the needs of a soldier's specific job, types of fighting, location, or conditions such as weather. The collection includes a variety of uniform types including: officer, paratrooper, an electrically heated flight suit, women's uniforms, utility, camouflage, enlisted man, and a flight jacket. Probably the most unique display is the Japanese sniper, jungle jacket, an item which I had never run across before. It is the last photo in the set.

The uniforms themselves display a number of patches, stripes, badges, crosses, medals, stars, wings, as well as the Purple Heart. As these are small, they are difficult to see while visiting the museum, since the uniforms are hung quite high above other displays. But they are labeled, so I hope to photograph these on a return trip, and add an enlarged version of these items to these photos, so they can be seen and identified.

There are also many displays dedicated to individual Medal of Honor recipients. The musuem "cherishes the memories of the valiant deeds for which the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and the Air Force Cross are the insignia. [The museum] honors all veterans and is dedicated to Americanism and education."