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Visit to the Jeremiah O'Brien

The Jeremiah O'Brien is a WWII Liberty Ship which served during WWII. Liberty ships carried vehicles, food, weapons, fuel, ammunition and personnel, including support of the D-Day Landings. Currently the Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship Memorial berthed at Pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, is open for tours and the ship also still cruises the Bay. She participated in the 50th Anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, sailing to France with a crew whose average age was 70.

According to the sign outside the Jeremiah O'Brien:

"Liberty Ships were built as an emergency response to shipping needs during World War II when enemy submarines were sinking Allied ships faster than they were being built. In one of the greatest mass production efforts in history, 2,751 Liberty Ships were constructed between 1941 and 1945.

"Assembled from prefabricated sections, an average Liberty was completed in six to eight weeks. Shipyards operated 24 hours a day. Thirty percent of the workers were women.

"Only a few hundred Libertys were operated by the Navy, Army, or Coast Guard. Most Liberty Ships were crewed by civilian Merchant Marine seamen and operated by steamship companies under general agency agreements for the War Shipping Administration."