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BT-13 Valiant Trainer Aircraft

Vultee Valiant  Castle Air Museum

The all-metal Vultee BT-13 Valiant first flew in late 1939, and became the most numerous American basic trainer of World War II with over 11,000 being built by 1944 when production was ended. It was used for the second stage of pilot training (basic training). The USAAF designation BT stood for Basic Trainer.

Because of the rattling sound the canopy made during aerobatics, it was nicknamed the "Vibrator" – although its actual aerobatic performance seemed to have been appreciated according to a chapter by Wayne S. Cole in Flying American Combat Aircraft of WWII (p82). "The BT-13 was a great acrobatic aircraft. We normally did loops, slow rolls, snap rolls, Immelmans, and other exciting exercises." The canopy could be adjusted, allowing the sections to be fully opened or partially closed for a feel of the "open  air" if desired.


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* Vultee BT-13 trainer facts

Category Trainer
Manufacturer Vultee
Introduced 1939
Used in WW II by

United States Army Air Force
United States Navy
Royal Air Force
Produced 1939-1944
Number built More that 11,000
Max. speed 180 mph
Powerhouse Pratt & Whitney
R-985 engine
Crew 2
* Numbers are approximate