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B-25 Mitchell - Castle Air Museum

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North American B-25J Mitchell Lazy Daisy Mae

B-25J Mitchell (Lazy Daisy Mae) at Castle Air Museum

Serial Number: 44-86891

The B-25 Mitchell bomber was named after General William Mitchell who advocated development and greater use of air power at a time when battleships were considered supreme. He was able to prove the vulnerability of warships by sinking a captured German battleship by air attack during tests in the early 1920s.

B-25 Lazy Dazy Mae nose art, Castle Air Museum

B-25 Mitchell Air Apaches tail insignia - Castle Air Museum

The B-25J was the last model designed and typically had a crew of 5 including a pilot, co-pilot, gunner, bombardier, and radio operator. It had a deeper fuselage than previous versions, a top turret just behind the cockpit, and a glass nose which was often modified. The B-25 at Castle was used as a test aircraft and did not see combat during World War II. It was flown to Castle Air Museum where General Doolittle, commander of the famous Doolittle Raid, was present to accept it on behalf of the museum.

Painted with the markings of the 345th Bombardment Group this B-25 features the "Air Apaches" insignia on the tail, and the nose art "Lazy Daisy Mae" in honor of an aircraft which flew missions in the South Pacific during WWII.

Photos taken by WW2HQ staff.

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