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B-24 Liberator - Castle Air Museum

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Consolidated-Vultee B-24M-5-CO Liberator

Former US Navy PB4-Y-1 at Castle Air Museum

Most B-24s were delivered to the Army to attack land based targets, but this one was delivered to the Navy for use as a PB4-Y-1 and used as a VIP transport for the Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps. Most PB4Ys, however, were used by the Navy for long range patrol bomber purposes primarily to search for submarines. The PB in the name stands for patrol bomber and was a Navy designation.

B-24 Liberator twin tail guns

Captain Gus Drumm - B-24 Liberator

This aircraft, Serial Number 44-41916, has been restored to a World War II U.S. Army bomber configuration and displays the markings of the 329th Bombardment Squadron, 93rd Bombardment Group, 2nd Air Division, 8th Air Force. According to the sign, this aircraft is on loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum.

500 lb. bombs used by American heavy bombers

The name Capt. Gus Drumm is displayed below the cockpit window on the left side, followed by statistics showing fighter kills, bomb runs, and ships sunk. The name Capt. Charles Sill is displayed on the right side, and TSGT (technical sergeant) Fred Homnick tail gunner, is displayed below the tail gun. Photo on the right, below, shows a close up of the tail gun turret with twin 50 caliber machine guns.

The 500 pound general purpose bomb was commonly used by the American heavy bombers. In the upper portion of the photo on the left, the bombs are shown as they would be kept for storage. The bombs in the lower portion have been prepared for loading on the B-24 bomber by installing the fins on the back end and a detonator on the front end.

B-24M-5-CO Liberator at Castle Air Museum


After World War II, this B-24 was used in South America to carry cattle carcasses before it was acquired and restored by Castle Air Museum.

Liberator Statistics
Height - 18'
Wingspan - 110'
Max Weight 64,500 lbs.
Max Speed 300 mph
Crew 10

Photos taken by WW2HQ staff.

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