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RB-26C Invader & J2F-6 Grumman duck

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Planes of Fame Air Museum - Valle

B-26-invader - Planes of  Fame Air Museum

 "Glassed" nose on B-26 Invader and nose art "Ahaulin"

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Douglas RB-26C Invader "Ahaulin"

This twin engine attack bomber is displayed, maintained and flown by an all volunteer crew. It was first used by the army in November of 1944. First named the A-26 Invader, it was re-named the B-26 in 1947. The 'C' version had the "Bombardier nose", also know as the "glass" or "glazed" nose as seen above. Other versions had a solid nose. The "R" in the name stands for reconnaissance.

The manufacturer was Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, CA & Tulsa, OK. According to museum information, the RB-26C Invader was a light bomber and surveillance / reconnaissance aircraft. The number of crew was 3; pilot, navigator / bombardier, gunner. Armament was 6-.5 cal machine guns in nose, top and ventral turrets plus 4,000 lbs of bombs or a large camera in the nose. 2,451 of all models were built from 1941-1945 of which 1,091 were B-26C's. The length of the aircraft was 51'3", height 18' 3”, wing span 70' 0”. Cruise speed was 284 mph, and maximum speed was 373 mph. Its range was 1,400 miles. The serial number of this aircraft is 44-35323.

J2F-6 Duck at Planes of Fame Air museum

Nose of Grumman Duck

J2F-6 Grumman Duck

The Grumman Duck accommodated a pilot, observer and optional radio operator. This type of aircraft would have been used for photographing, mapping, target-towing, rescue, ambulance, and other similar duties. It was reinforced to allow launching by catapult and retrieval by overhead crane.


Restored to flying status, this Grumman Duck bi-plane displays USMC markings. According to the museum sign, it had a wing span of 39' 0”, width 34' 0”and length 34' 0”. Its cruise speed was 150 mph, max speed 188 mph, ceiling 27,000' and had a rangeof 780 miles. It was powered by a 1-900 HP Wright R-1820 9 cycle air cooled radial engine.

547 J2F's were built, 330 by Columbia. This aircraft was manufacturer by Columbia Aircraft Corp. Valley Stream, Long Island, NY, July 6, 1941. The Grumman Duck was used by the US Navy, Marines and Coast Guard before, during, and after WWII. Also known as a "flying boat" it is one of only a few J2F-6 Grumman Ducks that remain in flying condition.


~ Photos taken at Planes of Fame Air Museum - Valle-Williams, AZ

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