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SBD Dauntless

USS Hornet Aircraft Carrrier Museum

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SBD Dauntless - Aircraft carrier USS Hornet

SBD Dauntless

An SBD Dauntless is displayed on the Hangar Deck. Aircraft would have been moved by elevator to and from the flight and hanger decks.

The SBD Dauntless dive bomber sunk more Japanese ships than any other aircraft in World War Two, and sunk all four of the Japanese aircraft carriers present at the battle of Midway. The bomber was armed with four machine guns and was also used for anti-torpedo patrol early in World War two. The bomber would attack and shoot down lightly armored Japanese torpedo bombers as they approached American aircraft carriers. 5,936 SBD Dauntless dive bombers were built in World War Two. Aircraft carrier USS Hornet Museum. Also see SBD Dauntless under American Aircraft.