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M4 Sherman Tank
General Patton Museum visit November, 2008

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Sherman tank - General Patton  Memorial Museum

Sherman M4 HVSS medium tank

The Sherman was the most heavily produced American tank in World War II, serving in the Mediterranean, European and Pacific Theaters. Both bulldozer and amphibious versions were produced in addition to a wading tank and flame-thrower version.

Museum's tank is named 'Rosie'. HVSS (Horizontal volute spring suspension)
Weight: 36 tons
Hull: Cast/Welded
Engine: Wright 9 cylinder radial air cooled
Transmission: Manual
Maximum speed: 24 mph
Armament: 1-75mm gun, 3-30cal machine gun
Crew: 5
Use: WWII, Korea
~Statistics from display notes at General Patton Memorial Museum.