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Avenger & Lodestar at Planes of Fame

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TBM Avenger Planes of Fame

TBM/TBF Avenger

According to the Planes of Fame website, this TBM-3E Avenger was actually built by General Motors, and came into service on July 19, 1945.

It was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Franklin (CV-13) but the carrier had been damaged on March 19, 1945, and was still under repair WWII ended. So this Avenger never saw combat service. It was obtained by Planes of Fame Air Museum in 1959 and is kept in flying condition and is flown regularly in air shows. On the US national insignia, the red dot is absent from the center of the white star, a change put into action for planes in the Pacific. This was to avoid confusion with the red disc insignia worn by the Japanese aircraft.

Grumman TBF Avengers were used throughout World War Two as the US Navy's main torpedo bomber. The designation TBM was used for those manufactured by General Motors. The wings folded for storage to make it more compact. The aircraft accommodated three crew members including the pilot, a turret gunner and a radioman which also acted as a bombardier and ventral gunner.


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Lockheed Lodestar at Planes of Fame Air Museum

Lockheed Lodestar C-60

This twin engine aircraft is displayed with the outdoor exhibits between the hangers at the Planes of Fame Air Museum and was unrestored at the time we visited. It is painted in camouflage colors, with British markings on the body and tail, it wears the letters T, and AM on the sides and I believe it was originally intended for use by the RAF. The aircraft is currently unrestored.

British markings Lockheed Lodestar

During WWII, the C-60 variation of the Lodestar was used by the US Army Air Corps for troop and cargo transport. They were also used for anti-submarine patrols, search and rescue duties, and glider and and target tugs. The C-60 carried a crew of three and had capacity for 14-18 passengers.


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