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P-51 Mustang fighters - Planes of Fame

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P-51 Mustang,  "Mrs. Virginia" -  Planes of Fame Air Museum


"Mrs. Virginia"

Maintained in flying condition, this aircraft is a rare early model P-51A Mustang. The small air duct on top of its Allison engine distinguishes the A model from the later Mustangs which had Merlin engines. The original aircraft was flown by a pilot from the First Air Commando Group in the Burma-India Theater.

P-51 Mustang, "Wee Willie" -  Planes of Fame Air Museum

P-51 Mustang nose art - "Wee Willie" and checkerboard

"Wee Willie II"

This P-51D Mustang is painted with the color scheme and markings of Lt. Calvert L. William's, whose name is on the side along with 4 iron cross victory marks. The cowling is painted with a red and yellow checkerboard pattern of the 357th Fighter group, who were nicknamed “The Yoxford Boys”. The aircraft is maintained in flying condition.

P-51 Mustang, "Spam Can" -  Planes of Fame Air Museum

P-51 mustang nose art "Spam Can"

"Spam Can"

This aircraft is painted with with a World War Two paint scheme including D-Day stripes, and 25 iron cross kill marks. A Spam Can cartoon is painted on the nose. Span was a canned precooked meat product issued to troops during WWII and later, since fresh meat was difficult to to get to the front lines. The letters B and VF are painted on the side as the designation for the individual aircraft and the squadron. This P-51D Mustang has been maintained in flying condition since it was obtained by the museum. ~ Photos taken at Planes of Fame Air Museum - Chino, CA


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