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Bataan Memorial Stuart Tank - Camp SLO

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Stuart tank

Stuart Tank at a Roadblock

The Bataan Memorial recreates the event of December 26, 1941, at a roadblock on the road to Bataan, Luzon, Philippine Islands. In order to make a show of force, a tank commanded by SSgt. Emil C. Morello, smashed into into a Japanese roadblock and fired at enemy gun positions. Three Presidential Unit Citations were given for gallantry in action units involved in this event.

Photo above recreates the Stuart tank crashing throught the Japanese roadblock. To the right, a Japanese anti-tank gun is visible. Photo by World War 2 Headquarters with permission of Camp San Luis Obispo National Guard base.


Stuart tank

Stuart light Tank

The Stuart was an American light tank which was intended to perform reconnaissance and screening operations similar to the role formerly played by cavalry. Bataan Memorial, Camp San Luis Obispo Museum.

Bataan Memorial, Camp San Luis Obispo, California.



Camp San Luis Obispo
Bataan Memorial

San Luis Obispo, California
Curator: (805) 594-6517

Visited November 2008: The Bataan Memorial consists of an early version of a Stuart tank (M3), featuring a 37mm canon in the main turret and two 30 caliber machine guns in sponsons mounted in the hull. Opposing the Stuart tank is a Japanese anti-tank gun. Further down the mall a restored Japanese type 97B is also on display.

Camp San Luis Obispo is an active National Guard base and security is an issue when you visit this site. The guards will give instructions as to what can or cannot be photographed.