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West Coast World War II Memorial

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Dedication to WWII Servicemen Lost or Buried in U.S. Pacific Waters

West Coast WWII memorial

West Coast World War II Memorial.

This memorial lists the 413 American servicemen who were lost or buried in U.S. Pacific waters between 1941 and 1945. It is located in the Presidio in San Francisco, California and is situated on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

In front of the memorial wall stands a statue of Columbia, who is symbolic of the United States. A bas relief includes symbols representative of the constellations Pegasus and Pisces, as a reference to mariners navigating by the stars. It is one of three U.S. memorials to missing soldiers of World War II.

WWII memorial facing Pacific Ocean

The Monument overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

WWII memorial bas relief, Pegasus and Pisces

Bas-relief on monument of Pegasus ( winged horse) and Pisces (fish).

Additional text reads:
Erected by the United States of America in proud and grateful remembrance of her sons who gave their lives in her service and who sleep in the American coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. ~ Into thy hands O Lord.

Artists and designers for the monument were: main design, Clark and Beuttler; statue of Columbia, Jean de Marco; landscape design, Lawrence Halprin. The monument was dedicated on November 29, 1960.