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WWII Submarine Crews Memorial

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To the 52 US Submarine Crews Who Lost Their Lives - WWII

Memorial to crews of submarines lost during WWII

Text below this plaque reads:
United States submarines and the men who served on them, represented less than 1.6% of America's total Naval Force during World War II. Yet, the submarine force, was responsible for sinking 55% or the Japanese naval and merchant marine fleets.

This extraordinary record was not without cost. Almost 23% of the submarine force was lost, comprising more than 3,500 men and 52 submarines during this conflict. In the official United States Naval Submarine Service records, losses such as this one were recorded as:


Submariners, traditionally recorded such incidents in the following manner:


3,500 men who made this supreme sacrifice for all the people of America are reflected and recorded in perpetuity within this memorial lest we as Americans forget their sacrifice and heroism under extraordinary, often unbelievable conditions, especially beneath the sea in a time of war.

~ The memorial is located outside the WWII submarine, USS Pampanito, which is berthed at pier 45, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California.