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Lone Sailor Memorial in San Francisco

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A Sailor's Last Look at the West Coast

Lone Sailor Memorial in San Francisco

From a vista at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, this life-size bronze statue of a sailor overlooks the San Francisco Bay for a view of San Francisco. Next to the sailor is his duffel bag along side a stanchion.

The statue, a replica of the lone sailor1, represents a sailor's last view of the West Coast as he sails out for duty at sea.

Plaque reads:
The Lone Sailor
This is a memorial to everyone who ever sailed out the Golden Gate in the service of their Country – in the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, the Merchant Marine.

A ship heading for sea passes directly by this spot at the northern end of the Golden Gate. Here the Sailor feels the first long roll of the sea, the beginning of the endless horizon that leads to the far Pacific.

There is one last chance to look back at the city of San Francisco, shining on its hills, one last chance to look back at the coastline of the United States, one last chance to look back at home.

Thousands and thousands of American seafarers have sailed past this place, in peace and war, to defend this Country and its sea frontiers. Many of them never returned. This monument is dedicated to the ordinary Sailors and Marines who sailed from this place and did their duty.

Bas relief sculptors commemorating the individual sea services are located across from the statue. Approximately 1.5 million men and women shipped out from San Francisco during WWII.

1This statue is a replica of the U.S. Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.
Sculptor: Stanley Bleifeld.