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Doolittle Pier 3 - Alameda Naval Air Station

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"shangra-La" - Tokyo Raid

Memorial to crews of submarines lost during WWII

Text reads:
April 1, 1942, sixteen B-25 bombers were hoisted to the flight deck of the carrier Hornet and parked there, while moored at Pier No. 3 at the U.S. Naval Station in Alameda.

The B-25 detachment consisted of seventy officers and one hundred thirty enlisted men under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James H. Doolittle, U.S. Army.

At 1000 hours, April 2, 1942, Task Force Eighteen, consisting of the USS Hornet, Nashville, Vincennes, Cimarron and Destroyer Division 22 departed Alameda Naval Air Station, Pier No. 3 and embarked on her mission under sealed orders, sailing out of the San Francisco Bay in a fog which reduced her visibility to about 1,000 yards.

USS Hornet aircraft carrier at Pier 3 - Alameda Naval Air Station

USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier docked at Doolittle Pier 3, Alameda Naval Air Station.

From the deck of the carrier Hornet, at 0825 hours on April 18, 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle led a flight of sixteen B-25 bombers on a daring raid over Japan. Hitting targets in Tokyo, Yokohama, and other cities, scoring a huge victory. It was the first allied strike on the Japanese homeland following the devastating attack on America's Pacific Fleet.

The Hornet's mission was kept an official secret for a year. Until then, President Roosevelt referred to the origin of the Tokyo raid only as "Shangra-La".

For the exploit Jimmy Doolittle, a native of Alameda, California born December 14, 1896, was awarded the Congressional medal of Honor. "Dedicated December 7, 2007, by the Native Sons of the Golden West.