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Aichi M6A Float Plane

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Aichi M6A Japanese float plane, WWII.

Aichi M6A

The Aichi M6A (AM-24) Japanese attack float plane held a crew of 2 and was armed with a 13mm Type 2 machine gun and carried a torpedo or 1 to 2 bombs. Planes were to be carried in cylindrical hangar on the I-400 submarine aircraft carrier, and launched by catapult.

Only a few of these saw action before the end of WWII. Twenty-eight of these float planes were built.



Aichi M6A - * Numbers are approximate

Category Float plane
Manufacturer Aichi Kokuki KK
First flight 1943
Used in WW II by
Japanese Navy Air Service
Number built 28
Max. speed 295 mph
Altitude 32,500 feet service ceiling
Range 740 miles