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Messerschmitt Bf (Me) 109 Fighter

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Messers chmitt BF (Me)109G

Me109G German messerschmitt figher, WWII.

Appoximatesly 30,000 Me 109's were built during WWII. Another 1000 were built after the war.

Photo published in Aircraft of the Fighting Powers Vol IV Ed: H J Cooper, O G Thetford and D A. Russell Harborough Publishing Co, Leicester, England 1944.


* Bf (Me) 109 facts

Category Fighter

Bayerische Flugzeugwerke
Introduced 1937
Used in WW II by
Hungarian Air Force
Spanish Air Force
Royal Romanian Air Force
Number built

30,000 in WWII
1000 after WWII
Max. speed 398 mph
Altitude 39,370 feet service ceiling
Range 621 miles with drop tank
* Numbers are approximate