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Short Sunderland Flying Boat

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Short Sunderland -  British WWII flying boat

Short Sunderland

The Short Sunderland was a four engine flying boat used for long distance transport, reconnaissance, U-boat patrol and search and rescue. The plane was heavily armed with machine guns for defense, and could carry bombs, shallow exploding depth charges and mines.

Sunderlands occasionally fought Ju 88s fitted out as long range fighters and also shot it out with U-boat anti-aircraft defenses during the bombing/depth charge approach. Short Sunderland crews claimed to have sunk 28 U boats and assisted in the sinking of seven more. While an effective anti U-boat weapon, the plane lacked the range to close the mid-Atlantic gap, which was finally closed by American B-24 Liberator bombers. 749 Short Sunderlands were built.



* Short Sunderland facts

Category Fying boat
Manufacturer Short Brothers
Introduced 1938
Used in WW II by

Royal Air Force
French Navy
Royal Australian Air Force
Number built > 700
Cruising speed 178 mph
Max. speed 210 mph
Altitude 16,000 feet service ceiling
Range 1,780 miles