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Short Stirling - British Bomber

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Short Stirling -  British WWII bomber.

Short Stirling

Although the first four engine heavy bomber to join the RAF, the Stirling was soon displaced by the four engine Lancaster and Halifax heavy bombers. The Stirling was handicapped by a low ceiling, often flying 4,000 feet lower than accompanying Lancaster and Halifax bombers, making the Stirlings easier targets for enemy flak and fighters.

When the first 1,000 bomber raid against Cologne was conducted on May 30 of 1942, only 88 of the 1,046 participating bombers were Stirlings. Stirlings served throughout the war, laying 20,000 mines in German shipping lanes and carrying out glider tug duties for D-day and Market Garden after 1943. A total of 2,383 Stirlings were built. Photo: IWMCollections.



* Short Stirling facts

Category Bomber
Manufacturer Short Brothers
Introduced 1941
Used in WW II by

Royal Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
Produced 1939-1943
Number built 2,383
Cruising speed 233 mph
Max. speed 280 mph
Altitude 18,000 feet service ceiling
Range 3,000 miles