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Gloster Meteor - British Fighter

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Gloster Meteor - British WWII fighter plane

Gloster Meteor

The first combat ready Gloster Meteors were delivered in July of 1944 and the first V-1 buzz bombs were destroyed by Meteors on August 4th of that year. Initially forbidden to fly over German held territory, the restriction was removed in January of 1945, and a squadron was moved to Belgium and then Holland.

Although never engaged with manned German aircraft in aerial combat, the Meteors destroyed 46 enemy aircraft on the ground. Combat losses were due mainly to friendly fire due to misidentification as German Me 262 jets, and by wars end the Meteors were painted all white for identification purposes. 3,947 Gloster Meteors were built, with the overwhelming majority (Marks 4 through 21) being delivered after World War II. Photo: Royal Air Force



* Gloster Meteor facts

Category Fighter

Gloster Aircraft Company
Introduced July 1944
Used in WW II by
Royal Air Force
Number built 3,947
Cruising speed 385 mph
Max. speed 410 mph
Altitude 34,000 feet service ceiling
Range 500 miles
* Numbers are approximate