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Avro Lancaster - British Bomber

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Avro Lancaster - British WWII bomber

Avro Lancaster

The Avro Lancaster was Britain’s primary four engine heavy bomber in the second world war. Used primarily in a night bomber role, the aircraft proved adaptable to several electronic warfare counter measures and was adapted to several special assignments. It’s most famous adaptation was as a dam buster, in which 9,000 pound bombs with a reverse spin were skipped over protecting torpedo nets and detonated up against the wall of the dams in the Rhur. The reverse spin helped the bomb to roll down the wall of the dam to the desired depth before detonation.

Lancaster’s were also adapted to handle the 21 foot long 12,000 pound Tallboy bombs which sunk the German battleship Tirpitz, and the 25 foot long 22,000 pound Grand Slam earthquake bombs which destroyed reinforced concrete U-boat bunkers in both France and Germany. 7,337 Avro Lancasters were built. Photo: Royal Air Force



* Avro Lancaster facts

Category Bomber
Manufacturer Avro
Introduced 1942
Used in WW II by Royal Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
Number built 7,377
Cruising speed 227 mph
Max. speed 280 mph
Altitude 23,500 feet service ceiling
Range 3000 miles
* Numbers are approximate