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Hawker Hurricane - British Fighter Plane

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Hawker Hurricane - WWII British fighter plane

Hawker Hurricane

Although outperformed by the German Bf 109 fighter, the Hawker Hurricane out performed the German Me 110 and Italian CR32 and CR 42; and was effective against enemy bombers. Hawker Hurricane pilots claimed 1,593 of the 2,739 victories claimed by the RAF in the Battle of Britain. The Hawker Hurricane was a stable gun platform and relatively easy to fly, manufacture and maintain.

Early upgrades included the installation of duraluminum wings, the use of 100 octane fuel, the fitting of Rotol constant speed propellers, and the installation of Miss Shilling’s orifice (to reduce engine cut-out at negative Gs) all by early 1941. However, these upgrades could not keep pace with the introduction of the German Fw 190 fighter and the F version of the Me 109 fighter, so by 1942 the Hawker Hurricane was often relegated to the role of ground attack fighter-bomber, carrying heavy guns, bombs and later, rockets. 14,533 Hawker Hurricanes were built by the end of 1944, with about 3,000 Hurricanes being sent to the Soviet Union.



* Hawker Hurricane facts

Category Fighter

Hawker Aircraft
Gloster Aircraft Company
Canadian Car and Foundry
Austin Motor Company
Introduced 1937
Used in WW II by

Royal Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
Produced 1937-1944
Number built 14,000
Cruising speed 296 mph
Max. speed 340 mph
Altitude 36,000 feet service ceiling
Range 600 miles
* Numbers are approximate