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Handley Page Halifax - British Bomber

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Handley Page Halifax - British WWII bomber.

Handley Page Halifax

The Handley Page Halifax was the second four engine bomber received by the RAF, and carried out it’s first raid in March of 1941. By February of 1943 the comparable, but less expensive Avro Lancasters outnumbered the Halifaxes. 6,176 Halifax bombers were built. Photo: Royal Air Force



* Handley Page Halifax facts

Category Bomber
Manufacturer Handley Page
Introduced November 1940
Used in WW II by

Royal Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Polish Air Force
Produced 1940-1946
Number built 6,176
Cruising speed 215 mph
Max. speed 282 mph
Altitude 24,000 feet service ceiling
Range 1,860 miles
* Numbers are approximate