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Fairey Fulmar - British Fighter Plane

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Fairy Fulmar - British WWII fighter plane.

Fairey Fulmar

Entering service in May of 1940 at a time when fighters were sorely needed, the Fairey Fulmar compared unfavorably with land based fighters having a top speed of only 272 mph. Nevertheless, the Navy considered the second crewman (a radioman/navigator) essential for fleet work. Fairey Fulmar pilots claimed 112 enemy aircraft destroyed by wars end.

By 1942 Fairey Fulmars were being replaced by Grumman Martlets (US Wildcats) as fleet fighter protection, but the Fulmars continued service as naval reconnaissance aircraft and night fighters until 1945. 600 Fairey Fulmars were built.



* Fairey Fulmar facts

Category Fighter
Manufacturer Fairey Aviation Company
Introduced May 1940
Used in WW II by
Royal Navy
Produced 1940-1943
Number built 600
Cruising speed 235 mph
Max. speed 272 mph
Altitude 27,200 feet service ceiling
Range 780 miles
* Numbers are approximate