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Fairey Firefly - British Carrier-based Fighter

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Fairey Firefly - British WWII Carrier-based fighter plane

Fairey Firefly

The Fairey Firefly was a British carrier-based fighter used during World War II and later. It was involved with a series of missions against the German ship Tirpitz and eventually was used in all theaters of operation during the Second World War.


Fairey Firefly taking off from aircraft carrier

Fairey Firefly Taking Off

The Fairey Firefly was designed as a carrier-based aircraft..


* Fairey Firefly facts

Category Carrier-based torpedo plane
Manufacturer Fairey Aviation
Produced 1941-1955
Introduced 1943
Used in WW II by
Royal Navy
Number built 1,702 including post war
Max. speed 316 mph
Altitude 28,000 feet service ceiling
Range 1,300 miles
* Numbers are approximate