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Boulton Paul Defiant - British Fighter Plane

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Boulton Paul Defiant - WWII British fighter plane

Boulton Paul Defiant

The Boulton Paul Defiant was a two man turret type of fighter, with its armament mounted in the top of the plane behind the pilot. The fighter had modest early successes against German bombers and fighters, the turret arrangement being conducive to multiple Defiants firing upon a target simultaneously. But soon the pilots of Me 109s discovered that they could attack the plane head on or from below with impunity, and Defiant loses soared.

After being withdrawn from daylight combat the plane enjoyed success as a night fighter until replaced by Bristol Beaufighters and de Havilland Mosquitos. The plane was completely withdrawn from combat in 1942 and served in a target tug role and as an air-sea rescue craft, generally minus the turret.  1,064 Boulton Paul Defiants were built. Photo taken by unknown airman of the Royal Air Force.



* Boulton Paul Defiant facts

Category Fighter
Manufacturer Boulton Paul Aircraft
Introduced August 1937
Used in WW II by

Royal Air Force
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Canadian Air
Force Polish Air Force
Number built 1,064
Cruising speed 250 mph
Max. speed 304 mph
Altitude 30,350 feet service ceiling
Range 465 miles
* Numbers are approximate