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Bristol Blenheim - British Bomber

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Bristol Blenheim - British WWII bomber.

Bristol Blenheim

A light twin engine bomber with a crew of three, production of the Bristol Blenheim began in 1935 and the first squadron became operational in 1937. Obsolescent by the outbreak of World War II, Blenheims suffered high losses in combat. A low level bombing raid against power plants near Cologne on August 12, 1941, was one of the more successful, but cost 12 of the 52 Blenheims involved in the attack. Some of the smaller raids over the continent resulted in 100% losses. A total of 4,422 Blenheims were built. Photo: Royal Air Force



* Bristol Blenheim facts

Category Light bomber
Manufacturer Bristol Aeroplane Company
Introduced 1937
Used in WW II by

Royal Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force
Finnish Air Force
Royal Yugoslav Air Force
Number built 4,422
Cruising speed 198 mph
Max. speed 266 mph
Altitude 27,260 feet service ceiling
Range 1,460 miles
* Numbers are approximate