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WWII German V-2 Rocket

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V-2 ballistic rocket

V-2 Rocket

The V-2 rocket was the world's first ballistic missile. Over 5000 V-2 rockets were built and approximately 3,000 were launched against Allied targets in World War II. The rocket was 45.9 ft tall, weighed 14 tons, carried a 1 ton warhead, and had a range of about 200 miles. The accuracy of the V-2 was between 4 to 11 miles so it was used mainly on large targets such as cities. The V-2 had a characteristic double boom upon hitting the target. The first boom was the explosion of the rocket while the second was the sonic boom. The rocket impacted at over twice the speed of sound. Photo source: Imperial War Museum.


German V-2 rocket

V-2 Single Stage Rocket

The V-2 was a single stage rocket propelled by alcohol and liquid oxygen.