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German SdKfz 222 Light Armored Car, WWII

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Leichter Panzerspahwagen (light armored car)

German SdKfz 222 light armored car

Photo shows a captured SdKfz 222 armored car. Public domain photo.

The SdKfz 222 was a light armored vehicle used for reconnaissance during World War II. SdKfz is the abbreviated form of the word Sonderkraftfahrzeug, which was a German special purpose vehicle. It carried a three man crew - the driver, a radio man, and a commander/gunner.

The armored cars turned out to be very useful to the German Panzer division, particularly in France and Belgium during the early part of the war. This is partly because France and Belgium had a good network of roads, compared to the rest of the world during this time. Good roads allowed the armored cars to easily range out in advance of the Panzer division. Squadrons of these cars would typically include one or two each of light and then a heavy armored car.

The SdKfz 222 light armored car was produced from 1935 to 1944. It was replaced later in the war by the Sdkfc-250/9 small half track. All German armored fighting vehicles had a Sd.Kfz number. The light armored car also had a Pz.SP.Wg designation, for armored cars.