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Granatwerfer 50mm Mortar

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German Granatwerfer GrW 1936 50mm Mortar

German Granatwerfer (pl. granatenwerfer) 50mm Mortar at the Tennessee State Military Museum

Granatwerfer 50mm Mortar on display at the Tennessee State Museum - Military Branch.

Over time, and with new technologies, the size and weight of mortars has decreased without substantial loss in the effectiveness.

Photo shows a GrW 1936 model granatwerfer mortar/grenade thrower used during WWII by Nazi Germany (pl. granatenwerfer). Weighing thirty pounds, the mortar has a 50 mm bore and was able to throw a two-pound projectile or bomb up to 500 meters.

Photo was taken with permission, at the Tennessee State Military Museum in Nashville, by Time Money And Blood staff. (Museum uses low light conditions to decrease light damage to the exhibits). Information above based on text from museum sign.