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Continental Engine W670-9A at LVT Museum

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Visited 2-11-11

Continental Air-cooled, 7 Cylinder, Static-radial Engine

LVT Contintental engine at Camp Pendleton LVT Museum

From sign at the WWII Korean LVT Museum:

"The engine is a W670-9A air-cooled, 7-cylinder, static-radial engine. Two magnetos, an electric cranking motor, pulley, governor, and bilge pump drive assembly, off pumps, and fuel pumps are mounted on the accessory case.

"The generator, which is mounted on a moveable bracket attached to the engine support beam, is located below and to the left of the accessory case. The carburetor is centrally mounted on the lower side of the rear crank case section. A dual-purpose gear-type oil pump supplies oil under pressure to the various engine parts, and incorporates a scavenger pump which draws oil from the engine sump and returns it to the supply tank (reservoir).

"A second scavenger pump transfers oil from the two lower rocker boxes to the main engine sump. The flywheel end of the engine is referred to as the front of the engine, the accessory end as the rear. The terms right and left are used with reference to the engine as viewed from the rear. Horizontal and vertical positions of the engine are referred to with respect to the crankshaft. When the crankshaft is in the horizontal position, the engine is in the vertical position. Direction of rotation is determined by viewing the engine from the rear."1

Continental engines were used in the LVT(2) Water Buffalo, LVT (A)1, and LVT(4).

Engine Data1

Make Continental Horsepower 250 at 2,400 rpm
Type Single-row, static-radial, air-cooled Number of cylinders 7
Model and Series W670 series 9A Firing order Clockwise viewed at accessory case
Over-all diameter 42 3/8 in. No. 1 cylinder location Top
Weight w/accessories 1,100 lbs.    


1Information and statistic from sign at the WWII Korean LVT Museum.

Photo was taken by WW2HQ staff, with permission of the World War II Korea LVT Museum at Camp Del Mar Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.