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LVT Cadillac Engine- WWII LVT Museum

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Visited 2-11-11

LVT (3) Bushmaster used Two Cadillac Engines

LVT Cadillac engine at Camp Pendleton LVT Museum

Cadillac eight-cylinder, V-type engine mounted in each ponton on LVT 3. Display at the WWII Korean LVT Museum, Camp Pendleton, California.

Cadillac engines were used in the LVT(3) Bushmaster.

"The Cadillac engine was an eight-cylinder,  V-type engine mounted in each ponton [the flotation compartments of the LVT, also called pontoons or sponsons]. Each engine is an integral assembly with a fluid coupling drive, which takes the place of the conventional clutch. Each engine is rated at 110 hp., providing a total of 220 hp.

"This Cadillac engine was restored by the Marines of HQ PLT., AASBN, SCOLS CO."1

1Information from WWII Korean LVT Museum sign.

Photo was taken by WW2HQ staff, with permission of the World War II Korea LVT Museum at Camp Del Mar Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.